About SQL Beacon


WARDY IT Solutions, the organization behind SQL Beacon, was founded in 2004 by Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP), v. Today, WARDY IT Solutions is recognised as Australia’s leading provider of Microsoft Data Platform consultants, trainers and Data Analytics specialists.

Realising The Need For SQL Beacon

Before founding WARDY IT Solutions, Peter Ward was living in Melbourne, leading the SQL Server team for the largest SQL Server site south of the equator (responsible for 35,000 instances of SQL Server).

Being a proud Queenslander, Peter soon got sick of Melbourne weather and moved back to Brisbane to start WARDY IT Solutions.

He saw an opportunity to take the skills he had learnt over the years and make them available to organisations of all sizes – delivering operational excellence to any organisation in Australia that uses SQL Server, not just the huge enterprises. The Virtual DBA service was formed and SQL Beacon was developed to ensure the team never missed a beat.

WARDY IT Solutions now has 70 employees with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Auckland and Wellington. The Virtual DBA service is supporting over 45PB of critical data, the average response time is less than 1 minute and the average customer satisfaction rating is 100%!